Pilgrims and Travelers:  Benjamin of Tudela, et al. 

Historic Buildings: Temple Mount / Wailing Wall, Tomb of David 


City of David and Solomon (c1001-930)

Pilgrimage to Jerusalem and the Second Temple by Diaspora Jews


Pilgrims and Travelers: Egeria, ArculfBurchard of Mt. SionMathew ParisNiccolo da Poggibonsi, Bernhard von BreydenbachBernardino Amico, et al. 

Historic Buildings:  Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Church of the Ascension, Temple Mount, Church of the Tomb of Mary, Cenacle 


Byzantian Jerusalem


Pilgrims and Travelers: Nasir i-Khusraw, Ibn Battuta, et al. 

Historic Buildings:  Dome of the Rock, Mosque of the Ascension, Tomb of David 


Hajj certificates: 


Pilgrimage Proxy Scroll


Islamic Conquest: The Rightly Guided Caliphs (635-660)